Indian Institute of Technology Madras


Confocal Raman

Transmission Electron Microscopy(TEM)

We have a JEOL 3010 instrument with a UHR polepiece.
This gives a lattice resolution of 0.14 nm and a point to point resolution of 0.12 nm.
We have a standard probe and a variable temperature probe (100 to 500 K).
The instrument gas a Gatan digital camera.

We do not have GIF, EELS and EDAX.

Our Instrument

Read more about TEM at the JEOL website:

Sample images

Single Au nanorod showing atomic resolution

Au nanorods

single Au nanoparticle showing atomic resolution

Au nanorods showing atomic resolution

Au-16 nm nanoparticle

Au nanoparticle embedded carbon nanotube

Au nanotriangles with nanoparticles  

MoS2 showing lattice resolution 

Tip of an Au nanorod

Au film

Ag nanoplate

Stacked MoS2 nano flakes






Nano Facilities